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When choosing a professional team to work with you in protecting and managing your investment property, there is only one team to choose, De Paula Realty. We are experts in our field and we give each client's property the individual attention it deserves.

De Paula Realty’s experienced staff work for the owners to meet and exceed their goals.

By using De Paula Realty’s knowledge, resources, and expertise we can improve your return on investment while reducing your workload. Most importantly, as an active partner in taking care of your property, De Paula Realty offers peace of mind.

Key Benefits
  • Reducing and controlling property expenses
  • Maintaining/improving property image
  • Timely and accurate management reporting
  • Providing access to extensive networks of services and potential tenants
Meeting Needs
We achieve our clients’ expectations by:
  • Providing Professional Property Management reports
  • Consulting with and updating the owner on the needs for service, major repairs, or preventative maintenance as necessary
  • Timely response to residents’ needs
  • Effective marketing from professionally trained staff
The Client’s Perspective
Our services are tailored to meet each individual client's requirements:
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Maintaining the property image
  • Good relationships with the residents
  • Safeguarding the property assets
  • Controlling expenses
Management reporting to the owners
  • Monthly Financial Statement
  • End-of-year statements
  • Various reporting as requested by the owner
Please give us a call at 321.234.1757 to discuss how we can assist you with all aspects of managing and developing your real estate portfolio.

Management Services

As a De Paula Realty client, you benefit from continuous marketing of our rental inventory. This may include the following:
  • Web based listing on
  • Company generated availability list distributed by fax, e-mailing, and hand-outs
  • A rental sign placed on the property, if applicable
  • Flyers are posted at the office and distributed through our extensive network
  • Posting on alternative websites
There is no additional charge for advertising unless a specific ad is requested by the owner.

Leasing Your Rental Property

The prospective resident must meet certain minimum criteria. An extensive background check is performed on each applicant:
  • Verifiable income must be at least three times the monthly amount of rent or a responsible party (typically a parent) must guarantee the lease.
  • A credit report is pulled for each applicant and must meet a minimum standard.
  • Criminal and background check.
  • Previous and current landlords are contacted and asked how the applicant kept their property and if there were any payment problems.
A refundable security deposit is collected. It is retained in a non-interest bearing escrow account on your behalf.

All residents 18 years or older will sign a one-year lease agreement together, making all parties jointly and severally responsible for all terms and conditions. A rental fee equal to a full month’s rent is charged when signing a new lease with a new tenant. 

Rent Collection

Rent is due on or before the first day of each month. A three-day grace period is allowed before charging late fees. If rent is unpaid on the fourth day of the month, tenant and lease guarantor are contacted and asked to send payment. If rent is unpaid after the tenth day, a Three-Day Notice is delivered to the resident. Upon expiration of the Three-Day Notice, if rent is still delinquent, an eviction may be initiated. The owner’s written authorization is required to perform evictions. Evictions are processed through a local law firm to assure completion of the task and follow all appropriate laws and regulations. Eviction charges will apply.

Owner Statements

Owner’s statements are generated on the lastfew days of each month. This is usually around the 28-31st of each month. Each owner receives a full account of the property’s activities during the month. This includes specific on rent checks collected, invoices paid and administration fee. Owner’s distribution checks are generated by the 10th of the following month. Soon, we will offer electronic deposit of owner funds.

At the end of the year an annual report is provided along with documents necessary to prepare taxes.

Property Turnover

When a new resident takes occupancy, a Move-in Form is filled out by the tenant. Upon move out, any differences in condition are repaired as necessary and charged to their security deposit. 

Typical expenses to the owner for a unit turnover will be re-keying and possibly painting (often a touch-up) and over time, floor replacement.

After the initial lease term, if a continuing resident renews their lease, a $200.00 renewal fee is charged to the owner.

A leasing feeequal to a full month’s rent is charged when signing a new lease with a new tenant. There are no additional charges for advertising or inspections unless specifically requested.

Maintaining Your Rental Property

Maintenance work is performed by independent contractors who have qualified for our approved vendor list. Due to the large amount of work that De Paula Realty provides to its vendors we often receive discounted rates. All discounts are passed on to our owners.

If maintenance requests are due to damage done by the resident, or neglect, they will be charged accordingly. The charge will be placed on their account, due and payable with the next month’s rent.

The owner is requested to approve any item of maintenance more than $150.00, except in an emergency.

Copies of all invoices are maintained in each property’s file and are itemized on the monthly Owner’s Statement. All records are stored and may be accessed at any time by the owner. 

Management Fees

When we first receive a property for administration, to lease or for personal use, a one-time fee of $100.00 is charged for the following services:
  • Setting up account on our AppFolio system
  • Open water and electricity bills for repairs (if any) and/or to leave it on for potential tenants to view the property
  • Contact HOA and get information onHOA paymentsand procedures to rent the property (if necessary)
  • Hiring handyman to make repairs (if necessary)
  • Hiring other vendors for other specific repairs (if necessary)
  • Check before putting the property on the market for lease
  • Add your property to our list of available properties
From the second month on, if property is not rented, an administration fee of $60.00 is charged for the following services:
  • Payment of Bills
  • Payment of HOA dues
  • Supervise the work of vendors (if necessary)
  • Disbursing vendor payments
In case of properties for personal use, an administration fee of $60.00 per month is charged for the following services:
  • Payment of Bills
  • Payment of HOA dues
  • Hiring handyman and/or other vendor to make repairs (if necessary)
  • the work of vendors (if necessary)
  • Disbursing vendor payments
  • Payment of Property Tax at the end of the year, starting in November
The first time that each property is leased a rental fee equal to a full month’s rent will be charged. This fee covers the following services:
  • Setting up for direct deposit of rents into your bank account (if chosen)
  • Advertising
  • Showing Property
  • Screening applicants (criminal, credit and eviction)
  • Lease preparation
  • Payment of referral fee to other realtors who referred a new tenant
If the property is rented within the second month of management, only rental fee equal to a full month’s rent will be charged for that month.

Following leased months:
1-9 units - 10% of rent collected (min of $60)
10-30 units -9% of rent collected
31+ units - negotiated

This fee covers the following services:
  • Payment of HOA dues
  • Hiring handyman and/or other vendor to make repairs (if necessary)
  • Disbursing vendor payments
  • Payment of Property Tax at the end of the year, starting in November
Lease renewal fee: $200.00
New tenant leasing fee: equal to a full month’s rent
Orlando USA: 6965 Piazza Grande Ave. #211 Orlando, FL 32835
Telephone: 321.234.1757 / Fax: 407.386.7712

Santo André, Unidade Vl. Bastos - SP, Brazil:
Praça Presidente Kennedy, 70 / Telephone: 11 3215-8000

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